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Sara’s long distance record breaking trail run

Record breaking day today. Well, hopefully. Sara is doing an attempt to break her long distance record.

You need iron to run

To transport oxygen to your muscles, you need red blood cells. Or to be precise Hemoglobin and Ferritin.

First run in the Netherlands

We’re out for a run, Sara, Bruni and me. It’s our first run in the Netherlands after more than a month in Italy.

Finally running again

I was sick. I picked up a cold in Wales last week. But, since today I’m running again and I'm very happy about that.

ERYRI 25K; a roller-coaster of emotions

ERYRI 25K: I have to climb 845 meters within the first 8,4 kilometers. Climb non-stop. I’ve never done that.

First run up Mount Snowdon

Three days until the ERYRI 25 kilometers at Ultra Trail Snowdonia. So time to run up Mount Snowdon for the first time.

Long live the crew!

Running is so much easier with Sara on my side. I could have done this alone, but it’s more fun doing it together.

A Muddy Mighty Marathon

Twenty three kilometers done. My feet are finally touching some asphalt instead of sinking away in mud.

Trail running as a nice day out

Today is the Amerongse Berg Trail (12 kilometers), so we’re making a nice day out of it!

My legs are ready for the Mighty Marathon

Next week around this time I’ll be running the Mighty Marathon at the MUT Festival. My legs are ready for it.