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A trail running guide Scotland

Done. I’ve  put my last Scotland running story online. It almost feels like I made a trail running guide Scotland.

Home again, this time to stay

We’re home again. This time to stay. Well, not forever, but at least longer than one week. I'm happy to be home again.

Back home again

We’re back home again. We had a smooth trip from Newcastle on Tyne to IJmuiden (Amsterdam harbor) and smooth ride home.

Watching seals at Saint Mary’s Point

Travelling day. Luckily we have a late check-out at our hotel, which gives us the time to go and watch seals!

Time to reflect on the Three Mealls race

Being in the car for almost half a day will give me the time to reflect on the Three Mealls Trail race of yesterday.

Three Mealls Trail; the most brutal race I’ve ever done

I finished it. Don't ask me how. The Three Mealls Trail race is the most brutal race I’ve ever done.

Cheering at Skyline Scotland

Last day before the Three Mealls Trail race. Easy day. Very easy day. Just hanging around a bit at today’s races.

In Kinlochleven, ready for the Big Race

Two days to the Three Mealls Trail race. We’re here, in Kinlochleven, for the Big Race and the mountains look … scary.

Spotting deer and squirrels in Reelig Glen

I stare and see a deer turning and running away from me. One, two, three jumps then it stands still and big, brown eyes.

My legs don’t feel like running

Four days to the race. Today is a resting day. Complete resting day, so only some Yin yoga in the morning. That’s it.