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Tag: sick

Doubting about Nature Marathon Tessenderlo

Should I start or shouldn’t I start? I am doubting about the Nature Marathon Tessenderlo, because I am not feeling 100%.

A book hunt in Rimini

Finding a book in English in Rimini is challenging. But there is some good news as well ;)

Worst taper ever

I should be teaching yoga today, I should do a bit of running today, instead I’m doing nothing. I’m sick. Again.

Takeaways from the Brabantse Kluis Trail

Sara is out for a run and I’m joining her on the bike. No running for me today after yesterday’s trail run.

I want a boring life

Last day of the month. It has been a hectic month with a lot going on. It made me realize: I want a boring life...

Finally updating my training schedule

I’m finally updating my training schedule. I have to admit, I lost sight of it in the last month.

I am still not fit

I have the sensation I’m running through murky water. It’s almost two weeks since I got sick, but I am still not fit.

You can’t repair a car when it’s driving

I have COVID, so I shouldn't do anything today. As an Ayurvedic doctor once taught me: ‘You can’t repair a driving car.'

I feel like breakfast and a run

It’s 4 am, I’m wide awake. My shirt is drenched. I feel like breakfast and a run. A run at this moment is not very wise.

A day in bed with the cat

A cat against your belly is comforting when every inch in your body hurts and you’re not able to keep your eyes open.