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Tag: sightseeing

Seven Sisters Sussex

3 more nights to my first ultra run. We’re staying close to the Seven Sisters, the series of chalk cliffs on the coast.

Trail running in all 12 provinces

This year I want to run in all 12 provinces of the Netherlands. One every month!

Would I run a night trail?

I see a lot of night trails lately, and a lot of ultra trails start at night. But would I like to run them?

Another loop and another loop and another one

One of the most beautiful things of running in the forest is the many paths there are. All these paths ar extra loops.

Running up Grags Trail, the reason I run

7 days to the race; the Three Mealls Trail Race, part of Skyline Scotland, in Kinlochleven. But for today; Grags Trail.

Running up Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh

Its 6.30 AM. My mind is still sleepy, but my body wants to move. It's like it is telling me it's time to go for a run.

25 kilometers; a distance to dream about

When I started running, summer 2021, I never expected I would still be running now. This Saturday I will be running 25k.

Running as sightseeing

Trail running is the perfect way to discover what is around you, no matter if that is your house or a place you visit.