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Tag: Snowdonia

ERYRI 25K; a roller-coaster of emotions

ERYRI 25K: I have to climb 845 meters within the first 8,4 kilometers. Climb non-stop. I’ve never done that.

First run up Mount Snowdon

Three days until the ERYRI 25 kilometers at Ultra Trail Snowdonia. So time to run up Mount Snowdon for the first time.

Testing my right knee and foot

Out for a run with Sara. We started in the sun, now we’re getting soaked. A good preparation for the ERYRI.

Another session of strength training

The ERYRI 25K at Ultra Trail Snowdonia & Dolomiti Extreme Trail getting closer: I’m focusing more on strength training.

Should I run another ultra this weekend?

Rest or run? The trick of getting fitter is not in training harder, it’s in recovering smarter.

I am in shock

I just checked the results of the Dolomiti Extreme Trail (DXT) of last year. What can I say? I am in shock.

Five lessons from the Mighty Marathon

he Mighty Marathon was the start of a very, very busy summer; running-wise, working-wise. Five lessons learned.

Working on my leg strength

12 days to the MUT, 1 month to ERYRI Snowdonia & 2 months to Dolomiti Extreme Trail. Time to work on my leg strength!

No Zegama for me, Snowdonia it is

No Zegama Aizkorri for me this year. The race is getting more and more popular. I hope next year I’ll be more lucky.

Plan B, or is it plan A?

Snowdonia or the Pyrenees, what is it going to be? They both sound cool. Tomorrow I’ll know. Plan B or plan A.