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Luke Grenfell-Shaw wins Val d’Aran for his brother

Allison Baca (USA) and Luke Grenfell-Shaw (Great-Britain) have won the Hoka Val d'Aran 110 kilometres (6.400m+) ultra.

Wales here we come

We’re in Wales. This is the sixth country I will be running a race in. Wales is also a new country on my travel list.

Wow, what a morning

The world is white again. It’s the first week of March, but I’m running in the snow.. How cool is that? What a morning!

No Zegama for me, Snowdonia it is

No Zegama Aizkorri for me this year. The race is getting more and more popular. I hope next year I’ll be more lucky.

Plan B, or is it plan A?

Snowdonia or the Pyrenees, what is it going to be? They both sound cool. Tomorrow I’ll know. Plan B or plan A.

Raffle; Zegama or no Zegama

Friday is the raffle for Zegama Aizkorri, my dream race. 500 people can run, 14.000 have subscribed, I am one of them.

Sara has left me, she went back to Italy

Sara has left me. She went back to Italy. Back to her parents. To visit them. Got you!

Fear, hope and happiness

It’s 4 am. I am awake. I haven’t been able to sleep all night. Yesterday was a day full of fear, hope and happiness.

Sad to let Berlinga go

We have a new car. An electric one, in line with our company policy: being climate neutral, and helping biodiversity.

Siesta on the sea

Easy morning. I like easy mornings. Especially on travel days. I even got a Yin yoga session in this morning.