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Tag: Strava

I want a new personal record on the 30 kilometers

A new personal record: according to the feel of my legs, it should be possible. But there is always theory & reality.

My legs just can’t run that fast

It’s marathon season. I look at marathon runners in awe. I just don’t know how they do it.

Duinen Trail, I didn’t do that bad

It was hard, hot and heavy. But have to admit: I didn’t do that bad at the Schoorlse Duinen Trail in Groet.

First run after our holiday in Scotland

First run after coming home from our holiday in Scotland. 19 kilometers. It was fresh, it was rainy, and it was lovely.

Restless legs, but no running

I woke up this morning with restless legs. I think they wanted to tell me it was time to run. Sadly enough I couldn't.

Running as sightseeing

Trail running is the perfect way to discover what is around you, no matter if that is your house or a place you visit.