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Tag: Strength training

Every trail runner needs 4 pairs of legs

A trail runner needs 4 pairs of legs; climbing legs, running legs, yoga legs and power hike legs.

How to train as an ageing athlete

How to train as an ageing athlete? Do we have to change our training schedule? The answer is yes. Here is how.

Another session of strength training

The ERYRI 25K at Ultra Trail Snowdonia & Dolomiti Extreme Trail getting closer: I’m focusing more on strength training.

Working on my leg strength

12 days to the MUT, 1 month to ERYRI Snowdonia & 2 months to Dolomiti Extreme Trail. Time to work on my leg strength!

Time for a new training schedule

Last day of rest. Tomorrow I’m allowed to run again. Not sure how far I will go, I have to make a new training schedule.

Exercises for strong and flexible feet

We run on our feet. That’s why it’s important to have strong and flexible feet. Here are some strengthening exercises.

The lessons from the Houffa Trail

Just had a massage, that wasn’t too painful, which is a good sign. Good enough to make new plans for the coming weeks.

Lessons from my 35 kilometers trail run

I want to run in a way that I can keep on running; injury free. So let’s look at the biggest lessons I've learned.

The biggest lessons from the Bear Trail

I’m feeling the Alfa Bear Trail of yesterday everywhere. Time to look at the biggest lessons it has taught me.

Crazy weeks versus boring weeks

This week is one of those crazy weeks with a lot of things happening. Sadly enough, because I like boring weeks.