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Tag: Sussex

Working on my leg strength

12 days to the MUT, 1 month to ERYRI Snowdonia & 2 months to Dolomiti Extreme Trail. Time to work on my leg strength!

Time for a new training schedule

Last day of rest. Tomorrow I’m allowed to run again. Not sure how far I will go, I have to make a new training schedule.

Low on energy

My first ultra in Sussex was 4 days ago. My legs are okay, but I should rest, which – funny enough – makes me restless.

Five lessons from my Sussex ultra

Sussex was a test to see if I could run 50 kilometers. Let’s see what five lessons I learned from the Sussex ultra.

Super Sara’s success in Sussex

I’m proud of myself for finishing my first ultra. But maybe I am even more proud of Sara. My Super Sara.

Out for a walk in Sussex

The day after the Endurance Life Sussex, the ultra for me and the 10 kilometers for Sara, we're out for a walk.

Should I have a race plan for Sussex?

One more night to my first ultra run, here in Sussex, England. Should I come up with a race plan, or just run?

Seven Sisters Sussex

3 more nights to my first ultra run. We’re staying close to the Seven Sisters, the series of chalk cliffs on the coast.