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BUT: 3 personal records in one day

My gluteus medius, the muscles on the side of my hips, are protesting. This is going to be an interesting race.

Working on my leg strength

12 days to the MUT, 1 month to ERYRI Snowdonia & 2 months to Dolomiti Extreme Trail. Time to work on my leg strength!

Time for a new training schedule

Last day of rest. Tomorrow I’m allowed to run again. Not sure how far I will go, I have to make a new training schedule.

Low on energy

My first ultra in Sussex was 4 days ago. My legs are okay, but I should rest, which – funny enough – makes me restless.

Five lessons from my Sussex ultra

Sussex was a test to see if I could run 50 kilometers. Let’s see what five lessons I learned from the Sussex ultra.

Super Sara’s success in Sussex

I’m proud of myself for finishing my first ultra. But maybe I am even more proud of Sara. My Super Sara.

Out for a walk in Sussex

The day after the Endurance Life Sussex, the ultra for me and the 10 kilometers for Sara, we're out for a walk.

Mud wrestling at Endurance life Sussex

Tears roll down my eyes when I cross the finish line and fall into Sara’s arms. I’ve done it. I made it. My first ultra.

Should I have a race plan for Sussex?

One more night to my first ultra run, here in Sussex, England. Should I come up with a race plan, or just run?

Seven Sisters Sussex

3 more nights to my first ultra run. We’re staying close to the Seven Sisters, the series of chalk cliffs on the coast.