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Struggling with Garmin’s lactate threshold test

Just finished my Garmin lactate threshold test and I am a bit surprised. My score today is as my score on January 17.

First ultra trail run test completed

36 kilometers and 780 meters of trail running in the pocket. In other words, first ultra trail run test completed.

My final tests before my ultra

I’m building up slowly, to give my ankles, and the rest of my body, the time to adapt to all this long distance running.

I am the Sergey Bubka of trail running

I broke my old one today by 240 meters. Not a lot, it was on purpose. Why? Because I’m Sergey Bubka of trail running.

Broken my 5 kilometers record

Yes, I have broken my 5 km's record! It was a little test if my training schedule is working, and the answer is YES.