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Tag: trail run

Auge um Auge; a weird, but fun ultra trail run

It's dark, cold, I'm tired, lost, but somehow I'm having fun. This Auge um Auge ultra trail run is strange, but cool.

The legs are still tired

15 km's of running is nothing these days, but I guess my legs are still tired from my ultra run in Sussex 1,5 week ago.

Multi stage running trail

Just saw the Trans Alpine Run, a multi stage trail. It looked super cool. Not able to run it (now), but dreaming off it!

Getting nervous for my first ultra

Less then 2 weeks to go, and I’ll be running my first ultra, in Sussex. I have to admit I’m getting nervous.

Last big training weekend for Sussex

Tomorrow Sara & I will run the Halve Zolen Trail in Den Hout. It’s part of my last big training weekend for Sussex.

Running with wild boar in Bergeijk

I suddenly hear something rustling in the bushes. My first idea; deer, but then something big, dark brown jumps out.

Trail Run Spa; the coolest downhill ever

Left, right, little hill, puddle, small bridge, rocks, mud, trees; everything seems to fly by when I’m racing downhill.

Super Sara is ready to shine in Sussex

She smiles after 5 km’s and 7 km’s & after 11 km’s and more than 400 meters of altitude: Sara is ready!

Plan B, or is it plan A?

Snowdonia or the Pyrenees, what is it going to be? They both sound cool. Tomorrow I’ll know. Plan B or plan A.

Running through the Ice Age

Sand in front of me, sand behind me, sand next to me, sand underneath me. There is even sand between my teeth.