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Tag: trail running

UTMB: Serious climbing at Eiger Ultra and Speedgoat

It's time for serious climbing this weekend with the Speedgoat Mountain Races (USA) and the Eiger Ultra Trail (Swiss).

Monte Rosa Walser Weag joins UTMB

The Monte Rosa Walser Weag race has joined the UTMB World Series Circuit, making it the third UTMB race in Italy.

Hardrock 100: Course records for Pommeret and Dauwalter

Ludovic Pommeret (France) and Courtney Dauwalter (United States) have won the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run 2024.

D’Haene and Dauwalter favourites at Hardrock 100

Dauwalter, Hartmuth, Pommeret and d’Haene; just a few names of runners that are toeing the line of Hardrock 100.

Quebec Mega trail: Cauchon and Champagne super fast

Anne Champagne (Canada) and Jean-François Cauchon have won the Quebec Mega trail 2024, 100 miles (6.500m+) race.

Luke Grenfell-Shaw wins Val d’Aran for his brother

Allison Baca (USA) and Luke Grenfell-Shaw (Great-Britain) have won the Hoka Val d'Aran 110 kilometres (6.400m+) ultra.

Meinheit and Coiffet win Restonica Trail 2024

Louison Coiffet (France) and Miria Meinheit (Germany) have won the Restonica Trail 2024, part of the UTMB World Series.

Quebec next stop on World Trail Majors

The 100 miles (6.500m+) Quebec Mega Trail in Canada is the next stop of the GranCanari World Trail Majors this weekend.

All eyes on Val d’Aran, UTMB’s European Major

It's one big trail and/or ultra race after the other these weeks, with this weekend, July 5-7, 2024 Hoka Val d'Aran.

I don’t feel like running these days

I feel happy and proud. I went out to do my run. It felt good. Surprisingly, because I totally didn't feel like running.