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Running up the Wall of Geraardsbergen

I’m going to run up the Wall of Geraardsbergen. If you’re a cycling fan you may know the Wall from the Tour of Flanders.

Trail Run Spa; the coolest downhill ever

Left, right, little hill, puddle, small bridge, rocks, mud, trees; everything seems to fly by when I’m racing downhill.

Running through the Ice Age

Sand in front of me, sand behind me, sand next to me, sand underneath me. There is even sand between my teeth.

We’re going to Spa to run

I am so much looking forward to Saturday to put my running shoes on and run through the Ardennes in Belgium.

Question time in Ommerland

Tomorrow is the start of the Run Forest Run Ommerland 43k. I'm prepared, yet, I still have a lot of questions to answer.

I’m 50 years old, half of the work is done

I want to run an ultra race of 50 kilometers, when I’m 50 years old. Well I am 50 today. So half of the work is done.

In Kinlochleven, ready for the Big Race

Spotting deer and squirrels in Reelig Glen

Steam Trail; one way ticket to trail running

The Viking Outdoor Steam Trail; from Hercule Poirot to Kilian Jornet. A review.