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A week full of surprises

The trick to progress is to be consistent. But how can you be consistent when you have to travel for work?

In love with painful legs

You have good pain and bad pain. The pain I have today is good pain. The pain of progress.

Could I run further than 55 kilometers? 

Time to reflect on all the running I have been doing this last year and come up with a new training schedule.

Every trail runner needs 4 pairs of legs

A trail runner needs 4 pairs of legs; climbing legs, running legs, yoga legs and power hike legs.

Training with the Albon app, a review

To prepare for the Dolomiti Extreme Trail I used the Albon app. Yet I’m stopping with it. It is great, but not for me.

Run slow to become fast – the 80/20 rule

Running slow is the secret to be fast. That sounds like a contradiction, but there is logic behind it. Let’s explore.

Time for a new training schedule

Last day of rest. Tomorrow I’m allowed to run again. Not sure how far I will go, I have to make a new training schedule.

My legs don’t want to run

I am here, running in the forest. To prove to myself I can run, when my legs don’t want to run.

Halve Zolen Trail; chasing Sara

Sara and I decided to run Halve Zolen Trail. It’s a fundraiser for the Roparun & now it’s becoming a fun chase as well!

Adjusting my training schedule

I wanted to change my training schedule, but because my knee was giving me problems I wasn't able to adjust until now.