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Training is damaging your body and that’s good

Let’s do some training talk. Why is it so important to rest? Shouldn’t you just run and run? Well no. Let me explain.

Beta version of The Running Dutchman is now online

Yes! The beta version of the new The Running Dutchman is now online. From now on The Running Dutchman is all about you.

A week full of surprises

The trick to progress is to be consistent. But how can you be consistent when you have to travel for work?

You need iron to run

To transport oxygen to your muscles, you need red blood cells. Or to be precise Hemoglobin and Ferritin.

Running in the rain

Every run weakens the immune system. Being out in the cold and rain weakens the immune system. Is it wise to run anyway?

My legs need a rest

Keep my legs moving & keep them happy while giving them a break of the extra kilometers.

What did I get myself into?

Every kilometer is hard work. Every meter is hard work. My legs feel heavy, I feel tired.

Race or training run?

I am in doubt. Should I race tomorrow or do a training run? And in both cases; where do I go?

I like challenges and badges

Call it whatever you want: challenges and badges motivate me to be active, even on days I don’t have time to be active.

I am getting slow

I wanted to run fast today, it didn’t happen. I am getting slow. It’s time to do speed work again.