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A week full of surprises

The trick to progress is to be consistent. But how can you be consistent when you have to travel for work?

A little walk around Lake Padarn

Sara and I are out for a walk around Lake Padarn. Just loosening up the legs a bit, after yesterday’s day of travels.

Wales here we come

We’re in Wales. This is the sixth country I will be running a race in. Wales is also a new country on my travel list.

Out for a walk in Sussex

The day after the Endurance Life Sussex, the ultra for me and the 10 kilometers for Sara, we're out for a walk.

Seven Sisters Sussex

3 more nights to my first ultra run. We’re staying close to the Seven Sisters, the series of chalk cliffs on the coast.

A trail running guide Scotland

Done. I’ve  put my last Scotland running story online. It almost feels like I made a trail running guide Scotland.

I signed up for my first ultra trail run

I’ve been talking about my first ultra in Sussex, but I don’t think I’ve ever told you when and why I signed up.

Running through the sand dunes of Groet

We’re in Groet, the Netherlands for a weekend away. We just went running through the sand dunes. Beautiful, but hard.

Home again, this time to stay

We’re home again. This time to stay. Well, not forever, but at least longer than one week. I'm happy to be home again.

Just another day of travelling

Can I run, can’t I run. We have a day of travelling. In the Netherlands that means getting to the airport early.