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Tag: Ultra Trail Snowdonia

Chasing Kilian Jornet

The new UTMB-index has been published. I moved up 178.925 places: Kilian Jornet watch out...!

The lessons of Ultra Trail Snowdonia

The Ultra Trail Snowdonia was my last big preparation for the Dolomiti Extreme Trail. Let's look at the lessons learned.

A guide to UTMB Running Stones

How do you qualify for UTMB Mont-Blanc? You need 2 things: Running Stones and a UTMB Index registration. Here's a guide.

First run up Mount Snowdon

Three days until the ERYRI 25 kilometers at Ultra Trail Snowdonia. So time to run up Mount Snowdon for the first time.

A little walk around Lake Padarn

Sara and I are out for a walk around Lake Padarn. Just loosening up the legs a bit, after yesterday’s day of travels.

Wales here we come

We’re in Wales. This is the sixth country I will be running a race in. Wales is also a new country on my travel list.

Testing my right knee and foot

Out for a run with Sara. We started in the sun, now we’re getting soaked. A good preparation for the ERYRI.