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Tag: Wales

Walking the Vivian Trail in Llanberis

My legs feel surprisingly good, after yesterday’s trail run. A good reason for Sara and I to go out for another walk.

A little walk around Lake Padarn

Sara and I are out for a walk around Lake Padarn. Just loosening up the legs a bit, after yesterday’s day of travels.

Wales here we come

We’re in Wales. This is the sixth country I will be running a race in. Wales is also a new country on my travel list.

I am in shock

I just checked the results of the Dolomiti Extreme Trail (DXT) of last year. What can I say? I am in shock.

No Zegama for me, Snowdonia it is

No Zegama Aizkorri for me this year. The race is getting more and more popular. I hope next year I’ll be more lucky.

Plan B, or is it plan A?

Snowdonia or the Pyrenees, what is it going to be? They both sound cool. Tomorrow I’ll know. Plan B or plan A.