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Walking the Vivian Trail in Llanberis

My legs feel surprisingly good, after yesterday’s trail run. A good reason for Sara and I to go out for another walk.

Out for a walk in Sussex

The day after the Endurance Life Sussex, the ultra for me and the 10 kilometers for Sara, we're out for a walk.

The biggest lessons from the Bear Trail

I’m feeling the Alfa Bear Trail of yesterday everywhere. Time to look at the biggest lessons it has taught me.

Watching seals at Saint Mary’s Point

Travelling day. Luckily we have a late check-out at our hotel, which gives us the time to go and watch seals!

Did we see a fairy up on Craigellachie?

Five days to the trail race. But today first another walk. One where we think we see a fairy.

Bouncing and bumping to Castle Roy

6 days to the race, but first a walk to Castle Roy. Walking time. Let's call it active rest for my legs.

A day of walking

Yin yoga, breakfast, walking, lunch and a day of walking. That sums up today in 10 words. 

A rainy walk to Bracklinn Falls

Walking through the woodland above Callander is like walking through a color palette of different shades of green.