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Tag: world trail majors

Courtney Dauwalter starts as she finishes; as the best

Courtney Dauwalter and Raul Butaci have won the Transgrancanaria classic 126 kilometres race (6.804m+).

Rachel Drake and Hayden Hawks win Black Canyon

Hayden Hawks and Rachel Drake have won the Black Canyon Ultras 100 kilometres race in Mayer, the United States.

Lin Chen and Guangfu Meng win the Hong Kong 100

Lin Chen (Adidas Terrex) and Guangfu Meng (Hoka) have won the Hong Kong 100, the first race of the World Trail Majors.

Eyes of the ultra trail running world are on Hong Kong

We’re off, we’re running again. All eyes of the trail and ultra running world are these days on the Hong Kong 100.

New kid on the block: World Trail Majors

A third, big Trail Run series has seen the light; the World Trail Majors. Its mission: community and respect for nature.