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A sudden change of plans

Grey day today. Rainy day today. Depressing day today. Sadly enough the coming days don’t look any better. It’s going to be a rainy Christmas this year. And that’s why we have made a sudden change of plans. Not for Christmas, just for trail running.

See, my plan was to run 35 kilometers on Boxing day. It’s the last serious long trail run I want to do, before running a midwinter trail marathon. However on Boxing day it’s going to rain all day, the way it looks now. That’s why Sara proposed to tackle the 35 kilometers tomorrow, as tomorrow it’s supposed to be dry.



It might be a little bit of self-interest of Sara, as she is going to play my refreshment post after 12 and 24 kilometers. And she is going to run the last kilometers together with me. I think she wants to keep her hair dry, as she’s been to the hairdresser this afternoon to look good for Christmas. The truth is, she always looks good. Dry or soaked by the rain.

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I think this sudden change of plans is a good one. Yet, I’m still not a hundred percent sure about it. Or actually, I am. I’m just getting a little bit nervous. It’s kind of sudden. I’m mentally not totally prepared. I mean, 35 kilometers is a serious long run.



Then again, I ran 32 kilometers at the Brabantse Kluis Trail 2 weeks ago. That’s only 3 kilometers less. And I did that without any proper sleep for weeks. So I should be fine. It’s just a mind thing. I kind of yielded towards that race. This 35k is something I planned to start worrying about tomorrow. Worrying is something different than running, but okay. I’ll be fine.

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My watch is charging now, my headphones are charging now. I’ll put my phone on charge tonight. What more is there to prepare tonight?

Earlier this week I created a new trail to run. My first idea was to run one trail of 36 kilometers, but I like to have some refreshment stops. So I designed a new trail of 12 kilometers, which I was going to run 3 times. However, I know myself. I will get bored doing the same loop 3 times, so I came up with 3 loops all starting close to my house, but all in a different direction.


Thursday murder club

To be sure, I won’t get bored, I picked up a tip from the Runner’s World UK podcast; audio-books. So I downloaded the Thursday Murder Club, one of Sara’s favorite books. It’s 12 hours long, so I probably won’t solve the murder tomorrow. Maybe I will solve it when I run my mid-winter marathon. Although, I have no clue when that one will be. Let me first survive tomorrow’s 35 kilometers and survive this sudden change of plans.

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