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Chamonix, here we come

Yes! I am in. I am going to run the CCC, Courmayeur – Champex-Lac – Chamonix, the coolest 100 kilometres ultra run in the world. O, before I forget, it has 6.156 metres of altitude and that’s going to be a problem. But a nice problem.

The registration for the CCC opened up yesterday. There is a lottery to get in. Luckily I’ve got a Charity Bib, so I am guaranteed of my place on the starting line. The only thing I have to do now, is train. Train a lot. More than a lot.

A dream coming true

Running the CCC is a dream come true. A recent dream, I admit. I mean, two years ago, I would have never thought that it would be possible for me to run 100 kilometres. And to be fair, I still have to prove it is. So far, my longest run has been 73 kilometres; the Auge um Auge in Bonn, Germany. And that race had only had 2.800 metres of altitude.

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Most of you probably know my story by now. About 20 years ago the doctors told me I would never be able to run again. Two years ago, I gave it a go and for fun ran a 11 kilometres trail run in the Dolomites in Zoldo. My wife, an Italian, spoke with a volunteer, who said I should do the 55k. I only thought: ‘never’.

From zero to 50

Yet, a seed was planted. I was going to turn 50. How cool would it be to run 50+ kilometres, being 50 years old. Further than I ever had run in my youth. So I started to train, and started slowly to increase the distances. I was running. Call it my midlife crisis, call it whatever you want, but I had fun.

And not just fun, I had a new mission. See, trail running, ultra running is a big puzzle. Running is just a part of it. Gear; shoes, running vests, camel bags, soft flasks, gloves, energy bars, energy gels, sports drinks, recovery meals, beanies, watches, it all plays a role. Hack, even the hours you sleep play an important role.

From 50 to 100

I like puzzles, I like challenges, I like science, I like to research, I like the human body, the human mind. So my running turned into an adventurous journey. A hard one, but a fun one. See, hard for me is fun. I like to step out of my comfort zone. That’s how we grow.

June 10 this year I ran the Dolomiti Extreme Trail. It turned out to be 57,5 kilometres and 3.723 metres of altitude. It was horrible, it was beautiful. I laughed, I cursed, I almost cried. I hit the wall so many times during that trail run that I lost count. And yet, yet, at the end of the race there still was some energy in the tank, which made me wonder … Could I run further?

And if so, how far? Hundred kilometres? So one thing led to another. A new challenge, a new dream. The CCC. 37 weeks from now it’s going to happen. Which means I’ve got 37 weeks to get myself in shape. So let’s get started!

Yes! I am in. I am going to run the CCC, Courmayeur - Champex-Lac - Chamonix, the coolest 100k ultra run in the world.

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