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I just saw the Trans Alpine Run, a multi stage trail. It looked super cool. Not that I am able to do it, but it is something to dream off.

Wow, I just saw the Trans Alpine Run, a multi stage trail run. It looked super cool. Not that I am able to do it (now) – no worries Sara – but it is something to dream off.

I came across the run when somebody I follow on Instagram posted a picture of the race. It sounded cool, so I had a look and – I admit – directly started to daydream. I mean 7 days of running in the Alps, who doesn’t want to do that?


Not for me

Yet, I have to be real. It’s too much for me. Day 1 is 33 kilometers, with 1.800 meters of altitude. I can do that. Day 2 is 31 kilometers, with 2.100 meters of altitude. That’s doable, but after the first day with 33 kilometers it sounds a bit much.

However, these days are only the warming-up. See, day 3 is 42 kilometers, with 2.550 meters of altitude. Day 4 is another marathon, this time with 2.200 meters of altitude and day 5 is even 48 kilometers. This day has 2.300 meters of altitude.

Day 6 and 7 are 32 and 40 kilometers with 2.730 and 1.650 meters of altitude. That’s more than some serious running.


Sleep at night

What I like about it, is that it’s a multi stage event. You don’t have to run at night. I know there is a whole group of runners out there that loves to run at night. You might be one of them. I prefer to sleep at night. I am happy to start early in the morning – even in the dark – but that’s it. At night I want to be in my bed.

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I totally understand runners that love to run for a couple of days in a row as it seemingly does something to the mind. Some runners even hallucinate. They see fairies and elves. There is a story about a runner at the Barkley Marathons – a 160 kilometers long ultra run – asking a garbage bin for directions. Fun, but I prefer to use meditation to discover the depths of my mind.


Running multiple days

The big question is always if my ankle would be okay, running so many days in a row. It survived the Sussex Ultra. No pain at all, no reaction. I think as long as I keep doing the strengthening exercises for my feet I’ll be fine.

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But again, this race is too much. Something to dream of, but not for now. Maybe I can find another multi stage race, that is a little shorter, a little less days and a little less demanding. If not, there is always our holiday, but more about that tomorrow.

Photo: Andi Frank

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