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My shoulder is still a question mark

Back from the physiotherapist. Nice guy, painful treatment. Yet, my shoulder is still a question mark. He can’t say what is wrong with it either.

Something is wrong with my shoulder, that’s for sure. My movement is very limited. That was clear for him in no time, only why is the big question mark. We know it’s not a torn muscle. An echoscopy had made that clear already. But if there is something broken or dislocated, he couldn’t say.

Dutch health care

He was a bit surprised the doctor didn’t have a photo taken of my shoulder to see if all the structures are intact. I wasn’t. That’s Dutch health care. It’s more about saving money than healing people. Instead of doing all kinds of exams and tests to find out what is wrong, we do one after the other; and only if the first one doesn’t make clear what the problem is.

It does mean it often takes a long time to find out what’s wrong, but it saves money for the government and insurance companies which, strangely enough, are for a big part in charge of our health care. The fact that you can’t work for weeks or months, is your problem.

Regaining mobility

For now, we’re assuming all structures in my shoulder are still in one piece, and it’s just all the muscles around the shoulder that are contracted. So we’re focusing on regaining mobility. That means lots of pulling and pushing on my shoulder and neck, a bit of massage and exercises.

I can’t say they feel great. Especially because I have a kind of weird problem. See, it hurts around my scapula, but also around my pectoralis, and if I move my arm backwards my deltoideus hurts. But that’s not all. Sometimes the pain radiates all down to my elbow on one side, and all up to my ear on the other side. So, no wonder my shoulder is still a question mark for the physiotherapist.

Thursday I’m going back. For now I will faithfully do my exercises. Let’s hope this solves the problem. The good thing; I can keep on running. So tomorrow I’ll be on the trails again.

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