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Podcast: Sara Bigatti, the runner

Sara Bigatti is a yogini, yoga teacher and the CEO of La Scimmia Yoga, our online yoga platform, but since October last year she is a runner as well. A trail runner to be precise. In this podcast we will talk about her first steps on the trails and look how yoga can benefit runners and how running can benefit yogis.

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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ve seen her name come by a lot of times. Which probably is not that strange, as Sara is my wife and as we run La Scimmia Yoga together. Although, together … she is the real boss. She is a lot better at being a boss than I am. You’ll understand when I’ve written a blog post about the mind of a Vata, a Pitta and a Kapha works.



October last year she started to run. It’s my fault, I admit. Every time I went out for a run, I came back happy. so Sara wanted to try that running-thing herself. She tried it before, it didn’t work, so this time I created a fail-proof training schedule for her. And now she is a runner. But as she is a yogi as well, she has interesting things to say about the cross-over between yoga and running. So here is Podcast number 3; Sara Bigatti, the runner.

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