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Running single tracks with Sara

Last day before Sara’s first Trail Race. Sleeping in, breakfast in town by Anders van Smaak, some shopping, and a run. And not just a run, but running single tracks with Sara.

Tomorrow the Keelven Trail Run is going to be her first race. Although, it’s organised by Trail Events, which means it isn’t a race. Just like my trail run of last week. But it will have lots of single tracks, because Trail Events always has those. That’s why I like their runs so much.


Tripping over your own feet

Yet, running single tracks is something you have to get used to. You have to be focused not to fall over tree roots or branches, step into ditches or trip over your own feet, because often you can’t place one foot next to the other.

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So for Sara’s tenth day of running, the only thing we do is running single tracks. One after the other, as a little practice for tomorrow. The good thing is, she’s having fun doing it.


Russel Howard

On the program; 4 times 2 minutes and 45 seconds, with a minute of walking in between. Which means, within 27 minutes, we’re home again. There we relax the rest of the evening, watching some stand-up comedy on YouTube by Russell Howard.

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