Running is contagious, her first run

Sara did it. She completed her first run! First Nicola, then Giulia and now Sara. I think running is contagious.

Sara did it. She completed her first run! First Nicola, then Giulia and now Sara. I think running is contagious.

To be fair, it’s my fault Sara wasn’t running yet. I promised her to make her a training schedule, and I hadn’t done that up until this morning. I thought it was better to start running after our holiday.


La Scimmia Yoga running shirt

Which means Nicola and Giulia beat her to it. Nicola Artico is our musician. He used to run in the past, but his knees started to trouble him. Yet, after seeing the Instagram story Sara and I did in our new La Scimmia Yoga running shirts, he started to run again. I think he just wants to have a shirt.

Giulia is Matteo’s girlfriend. She works for us. Whenever she comes over from Italy to work here, and to shoot a new yoga course, Matteo and I go for a run. A couple of weeks ago, she went for a run together with Matteo. I told you; running is contagious. I’m curious who will follow next….


Creating a habit

To keep running, it’s the easiest when running is a habit. To create a habit, you have to run for at least 30 days in a row. Or better: to the moment you don’t think about it anymore and just put on your shoes and go for a run; sun, rain or snow.

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Running should be just as normal as brushing your teeth. You don’t ask yourself if you feel like brushing your teeth or not. You just do it.

Same for running. You should never ask yourself if you feel like going or not. You should just go, because if you ask yourself if you feel like running, you can say no. That’s the worst thing you can do, if you want to create a habit.


30 minutes in 30 days

That’s also the reason I created a running schedule for Sara for 30 days. To make running a habit. It’s the easiest start-to-run schedule I’ve ever made. It starts with a run of just 1 minute on day one, and finishes with a run of 30 minutes on day 30.

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That 1 minute on day 1 isn’t even a full minute. It’s 3 times 20 seconds. That’s so little Sara didn’t even realize she was running. It was more like walking.

See, when we walk, I often walk a bit faster than she does. I have longer legs. So every couple of minutes Sara has to run a little to keep up. Same today. We walked, and every now and then Sara had to run a couple of seconds. Just like our normal walks. Maybe that’s why this was such an easy start for her.

Today's training

Yin Yoga
35 minutes

Walking, with 3x 20 seconds of running
26,5 minutes


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