Adjusting my training schedule

Done and about time. I told you at the beginning of the year I was adjusting my training schedule, but I didn’t do it, because of an injury.

Done and about time. I told you at the beginning of the year I was adjusting my training schedule, but I didn’t do it. Not that I didn’t want to do it. I had just no clue how much I could run, as my left knee was still giving me problems. So the last couple of weeks I’ve played it by ear.

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Now my left knee has proven itself in the Run Forest Run mid-winter marathon, I dare to make a new training schedule again. For the first time I’ll be running 2 days in a row. Well, I did do it, when Sara started running, but that was in the beginning more walking than trail running. Now I will seriously run 2 days in a row.


Running 5 times a week

I didn’t dare before, because of the problems I had in the past with my ankles. Last Saturday I ran 44,5 kilometers, and my ankles are feeling good. Let’s see if they can handle running 5 times a week instead of three to four.

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I hope they can. I can use a couple of weeks with lots of kilometers. My first ultra trail in Sussex is only a month away. These are the weeks I need high mileage. Well, not this week. This week is a recovery week. I gave myself Sunday, Monday and today to rest. We will walk a bit, but that’s it. Tomorrow I will put my running shoes on again.


Making training schedules is fun

Making training schedules is fun. So far what I’ve created, has been effective. I’ve been able to run all the distances I wanted to run. Okay, Saturday wasn’t a great day, but I had three bad nights in a row the days before the race, because of my right shoulder injury. As soon as I turn on my right side in my sleep, I wake up because of a jolt of pain.

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Today I went to the physiotherapist again. He has referred me to a more experienced colleague of his, as he doesn’t really understand what is going on with my shoulder. Hopefully his colleague will know. Sleep is essential these days.


Sara’s maintenance

Now I’m done adjusting my training schedule, it’s time to do Sara’s. Her knee was as good as pain free last Saturday, so she can start training as well. For her it’s less about running lots of kilometers. She can easily do her 10k, so it’s going to be more about staying in one piece, and doing some hill work.

With a little bit of luck I can plan her long runs on the days of my easy runs. That way we can run together. That’s always more fun. That’s it for today. Keep on running!

Today's training

Yin Yoga for Runners
1 hour

Lunch walk around the Liskes to loosen up the legs
3,36 kilometers in 37 minutes


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