Italy, here we come

We'll spend a lot of time in Italy this summer, teaching yoga. Let's see if I can find some trail runs to do there. 

We’re finishing up our teaching schedule for this summer. We’ll spend a lot of time in Italy, teaching yoga. So let’s see if I can find some trail runs to do as well.

We love being in Italy. It’s always beautiful to meet up with our yoga students, and for Sara it’s nice to be home again. The last couple of years we haven’t been as much as we would like, because of COVID, and because we want to fly less. 


Yoga retreat

Everybody has to contribute to saving the environment, saving this planet, so do we. That’s why we try to fly as little as possible. On the other side; I think it’s better that Sara and I fly to Italy, than having 50 students flying to the Netherlands for a yoga retreat. 

To fly less, we’re trying to plan better, and we’re stacking retreats, workshops, family visits and business meetings. That way lots of students can practice with us and we only fly up and down once or twice a year. 


May – Masterclass in Rome

This year weĺl be in Italy in May and June, and from the end of August to the end of September. May 28 we will be in Rome, where Sara will be teaching a Masterclass, and will present her new book; Yoga per guarire. Ritrova il benessere di corpo, mente e spirito.

I think the last time we went to Rome was in 2017. We filmed a 30/30 Yoga Challenge and did 2 classes at Lontra Yoga, the yoga school of our friends Chiara and Stefano, which now has been relocated to Pesaro. So it’s about time we go back to Rome. Although in our defense, we never get invited by schools in Rome


June – Rimini Wellness

After Rome we will go back to Rimini Wellness; June 1 to June 4. That’s going to be a full La Scimmia Yoga happening. Well for us, because it’s so much more. ReYoga is organizing the yoga part, and this time Sara, Giulia, Vera and I will be teaching, alongside lots of other great teachers. 

My yoga class will be a yoga class for athletes, so I will do a lot of injury prevention in it. Besides that I’ll also do a talk for business owners, explaining how yoga and Ayurveda philosophy has helped us to build our company, and why we only work with people who are – in their own way – all a little bit dysfunctional. 


June – Milan

June 21 we will be in Milan for International Yoga day. Not sure what we’re going to do there, but it will be something. We’re still brainstorming on it. 

In between Rimini and Milan I’ll run the Dolomiti Extreme Trail. I’ve got this crazy idea to run the 55 kilometer trail run, which has almost 4.000 meters of altitude. So in the coming weeks, I need some hills and mountains to practice. 


September – Puglia

This year we do two big retreats instead of our La Scimmia Yoga Festival. The first one is in Puglia, in the South of Italy, from September 2 to September 9. I’m very much looking forward to that one. The place we’re going is amazingly beautiful, and by the looks of it, it’s going to be a great place to run. 

If I have time for that, because this is not going to be a lazy retreat. We’re going to do some serious teaching; yoga anatomy, alignment, and philosophy. It’s going to be fun, but educational. This will be a retreat for yogis who want to deepen their practice. 

But of course, it’s going to be fun as well, as most of us are going to be here: Sara, Vera, Giulia, Nicola and me. Maybe I should challenge myself to teach a yin yoga class during this retreat in Italian. I mean, I was teaching in Spanish when we lived in Spain, so I should be able to teach Yin yoga in Italian. 


New Yoga Courses

After Puglia we’ll have a little holiday. Retreats are fun, but it’s work, and July and August will be our busiest months with filming new yoga courses for La Scimmia Yoga as well. Which leaves September to recharge and rejuvenate. 

We’re thinking of taking the train up to Austria. There are a few places we want to go running, and maybe even do a race. We’re looking into it now. As soon as we’ve decided, I’ll let you know. 


September – Piemonte

September 27 we are back in Italy, in Piemonte. We do a retreat there up until October 1. It will be called Your Body Your Yoga. We will teach how yogis can adjust their practice to give their body and mind what it needs.

In the last couple of months we’ve worked hard on a new event website. Not just with events of Sara and me, but also those of our other teachers. It should be online next week. 

Now our planning is done, I can start looking for some nice trails to run in Italy, and maybe even another trail race. Let’s see what I can find. 

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