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Running through the sand dunes of Groet

We’re in Groet, the Netherlands for a weekend away. We just went running through the sand dunes. Beautiful, but hard.

It was for Sara day 23 of her 30 day running schedule. It’s getting serious. Today we ran 4 times for 7 minutes, with a 2 minutes break in between. Through the forest, but mostly through the sand. And not only through the sand, also uphill. Or better, up the sand dunes. That’s killing.



It’s a little teaser for Sunday, when I will be running a 17 kilometers Duinen Trail (sand dunes) here. I think it’s going to be hard. We haven’t had a lot of rain in the last couple of days, so the sand is really loose sand. Every step you do forward, you slide half a step back. But he, that’s part of the fun.

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Groet is up north in the Netherlands, in the state of Noord-Holland. We drove over here by car. The first long ride with the new electric car. It was a bit scary. First time we had to stop during a trip to charge the car. It was fine. One sandwich stop, and the car was full, but still… First times are often a bit scary.

But back to Groet. We only ran 4,63 kilometers, but we still had 89 meters of elevation. Maybe for you that doesn’t sound much, but for me it is. I can run a whole week where I live, doing two 10 kilometers, and one half marathon and still not have done 89 meters of uphill running. So, this is definitely a place I like to run more. Sadly enough, it’s 2 hours away from home.


I am ready

But that’s a problem for later. Now we’re here. Here for a running weekend. Tomorrow we go out again. And the day after tomorrow, the big race. I’m ready for it.

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